11 Aug

It's been great getting back to work with lots of wonderful folk who are all keen as me to be outdoors again. I recently took Michelle and Phil on a 1 day Mountain Hare Photography Workshop. This is my most popular subject for providing workshops. You can guess why. These absolutely adorable creatures are just a delight to work with. What characters they are. We had a wonderful 8 hours on the hill in beautiful sunny weather conditions with light winds. Perfect. I was so pleased for them as this couple had origionally  booked o come out with me in mid March. Of course COVID-19 kicked in and I had to postpone the day. It's really nice that everyone  on my mountain and photography courses rescheduled to later dates. I always offer a full refund. 

We spent over 1 hour with a lovely hare who just did every pose possible for photographs. Yawning, washing, high five, stretching and posing upright for a portrait. Perfect. Michelle and Phil have already boked another workshop for this coming winter. 

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